Stunning Locations and
Informative Sessions

The experience of a photography workshop with Desert Light will leave you with great memories of incredible places and great photos to match.

In Pursuit of Desert Light

You’re a light chaser. A landscape photographer. A desert traveler. You’re in one of the most beautiful areas the American Southwest has to offer. Make the most of your time in the area by taking a photography workshop.

Desert Light Workshops are a great way to visit classic Sedona photo locations while learning skills for making great images that you can use anywhere you travel!

Unlock Your Potential

A workshop with Desert Light will gives students the opportunity to unlock a new level in their photography. Workshops are conducted one-on-one or in small private groups so that each student has the opportunity to shoot and edit side-by-side with their instructor, receiving instant feedback throughout the course workshop.

Back in the studio, we walk through file management and digital post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom to catalog, rate, edit and distribute our images.

Images to be Proud Of

It is our goal for students who complete a full-day workshop with Desert Light to walk away with images they would be proud to hang on their own walls, and the knowledge of how to the same great results, wherever their travels may take them.

Workshop Overview

Getting the shots you want means putting in the time and our immersive one-day workshops are full value. The day consists of various field and computer sessions separated by breaks and meals. Regardless of the time of year, anticipate that your meal schedule will break from your usual routine and pack a variety of snacks to keep you fueled during our time in the field.


These private workshops are the best way for students to receive lots of one-to-one guidance from their instructor and allow people the greatest opportunity for advancement during the session.


Photographers have the option of registering for the full-day immersive workshop, or for a single field session in the afternoon running through the evening.

Sample Schedule for Full-Day Immersive Workshop

The following outline will give you a general idea of what to expect during a full-day landscape photography workshop. Either as an individual or small group of friends/family we will experience the entire digital photography workflow from beginning to end, and then some!

This itinerary is based on an example sunrise time of 6am and a sunset time of 6pm. Note: These actual times vary throughout the year and will be discussed with you during your workshop personalization follow up phone call and then sent to you.


Meet up at parking lot for sunrise photoshoot. Check our gear.
Head out to our sunrise location and setup
Photograph sunrise through the early morning. Wrap up time depends on conditions.
Pack up, head to town and get breakfast
Afternoon post-processing computer session with breaks
Travel to sunset location and setup
Photograph evening and sunset
Pack up and head back town for a well deserved dinner!

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