Photo Trek

Venture to one of the best views in town!

More of a straightforward trek than anything, a Photo Trek is the perfect option for people interested in visiting one of the more unique locations in town, without the instructional component. Prior to the day of your trek we will choose a location based on spots you have seen and are interested in visiting. My Instagram account is a great place to look. This is a free-roaming experience for you and your group, with me leading the way to our destination. I will take photos of you during the trek if you so choose so you can have and share some unique memories to go along with your experience.

These private treks typically last 2-3 hours and can be arranged for any time of day to fit into your travel schedule.

Note: This trek does NOT include instruction on how to capture or edit images, but gets you to the destination for your own enjoyment, or to independently pursue your photographic interests.

Price: $99 per person

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