Full-Day Photography Workshop

My full-day landscape photography workshop is just that: an amazing photographic experience that starts before sunrise and lasts through a gorgeous Sedona sunset. To begin we will photograph sunrise, learning how to approach a new scene in the pre-dawn glow.

Fueled up from a breakfast break, we will head indoors and work on our laptop computers pre-loaded with Adobe Lightroom, the cataloging and editing tool of choice for innumerable photographers. In the classroom we will cover the post-processing workflow from beginning to end, learning how to identify our best images and then work through my approach to editing that creates rich, vibrant colors, and stunning clarity.

Having experienced the entire photography workflow from pre-visualization, to capture, to editing, we now head back out into the field to capture sunset. With our new knowledge and perspective, we will approach the scene with greater confidence and walk away with a set of images you will be proud to edit and share with everyone.

The knowledge you gain during this full-day workshop, will be carried with you to every photoshoot you go on in the future, and you will continue to grow well beyond this one impactful and informative day.

Price: $429 $379 per person

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