Afternoon Photography Session

Head into the field and capture great images!

Many travel plans to not allow time for a full-day dedicated to photography. My afternoon landscape photography workshop session is a great solution!

With a duration of 2-3 hours, we will head out late afternoon to one of my favorite locations around Sedona and stay through sunset, capturing all the magical colors the landscape has to offer. Throughout the session we will discuss various aspects of pre-visualizing, composition, lighting, and the shoot-to-edit approach to photography. Editing tips will be shared verbally so you have some strategies for when you get back to your computer.

Have some time for an editing session on another day of your trip? Consider registering for an Editing Session, where we will sit down in front of your computer with Adobe Lightroom to work on the second phase of the photographic process: post-processing. These are typically conducted mid-day in a comfortable indoor environment.

Price: $189 149 per person

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