Exploring the Light of the Desert

Exploration and Growth with Landscape Photography Workshops

Enamored by the Desert Landscape

The draw of the desert has been strong for a while now. What began as a weekend trip here and there, turned into multi-month excursions across the arid landscape, exploring its vast secrets, feeling small against a very large and open landscape, and desire to communicate the scale and beauty of it all. John Lloyd has been living this life and pursuing this dream for a while, publishing images through different print and digital outlets, sharing his love for the desert southwest with brands and publications across the country.

Based in Boulder, Colorado for the past decade, John has relocated to the heart of the southwest, currently making his home in Sedona, Arizona. Surrounded by a landscape rich in photographic opportunities, one of his current goals is to share his perspective and approach with other photographers aspiring to capture the look and feel of the desert to the best of their ability.

Guiding Others Along Their Photographic Journey

Photography is about the journey to align with those moments we all seek to capture. The location, the timing, the little choices that follow. Desert Light Workshops was created to share perspective and process with photographers interested in advancing the craft of their landscape photography. Wherever you are in your photography, John’s personalized approach meets you there so that you gain the most from your workshop experience.